067 19 44 76- for psycho-social support for both Montenegrin and foreign nationals. 3 psychologists (2 of them psychotherapeutics as well) provide advice on any issues related to current situation such as fear, anxiety, concerns and other effects of isolation, every day from 09.00-18.00 excluding Sundays.
067 19 44 76- for support in shopping of groceries, medicines and other necessities, payment of bills to elderly people, people with chronical illness and people in self-isolation, both Montenegrin and foreign citizens, from 09.00-18.00 daily excluding Sundays. Their volunteers speak English and have at least 3 years of experience. The user should get in touch to ask for support and a volunteer would be sent usually a day after unless there is a urgent need, in which case the support is given the same day. They would provide the user with the name of volunteer so they can ensure there is no abuse. When the volunteer reaches at the given address it is expected from the user to prepare a bag with a note of requirements as well as money needed for a certain purchase. To keep the required distance the volunteer will collect the bag only when left by user in front of the door. This service is available throughout Montenegro.
In addition to these services Red Cross Montenegro have also decided to provide humanitarian help to those who are not receiving any income since the #stayathome campaign has started and companies closed for work, mainly the people on ad hoc engagements or service contract works. They provide help in food, clothes and any other significant necessities.

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